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The Executive has called an Emergent Meeting of all Teeswater Curling Club members. The meeting will be held Wednesday November 5th at 7:30 at the Club. Please make your best effort to attend.

2014/2015 OPEN HOUSE

The Teeswater Curling Club is gearing up for another fantastic season of winter fun. If you could like to try curling, come out to our Open House on Friday November 21st at 8:00 PM. All you need is a clean pair of running shoes. Refreshments will be served to those who attend.  

Leagues of all skill levels, along with fun and competitive bonspiels will be starting on Tuesday November 25th   Please see the Members & Leagues page for information.  

    Anyone that is interested in curling this winter can call James Elphick at 392-6910. Anyone interested in Junior Curling can contact Paul & Linda Ruetz at 392-8470.

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